Celebrating Five.

We have been anxiously waiting this month for quite some time now! It has officially been 5 years since White Elephant Designs started in a tiny studio apartment in downtown Chicago. Cheers to that, right?! There is so much to reflect back on and so many wonderful memories have been made in the process. We seriously never anticipated a small hobby growing to where it is today. We have met so many great people through White Elephant and some of them are our closest friends today. Of course, the events, the community, and the lessons learned have been wonderful, but what I believe is the most empowering experience has been getting to know fellow girl bosses and learning, experiencing, and growing with one another over the past few years. I had the “girl gang” my entire life - coming from a family of 5 girls (and 2 boys). In the professional world it is just as important to have that and we are so fortunate. So here is to all the bad a$$ women that have helped us get to where we are today (and to the men that support us, dontcha worry…we love you, too!).  We are all on this ride together!


-Emily, Founder.